My Rewards FAQs

What is My Rewards?

My Rewards allows you to view your Prairie Gold Rewards tier status or check your tier & rewards point totals from anywhere, at any time. You can also request your annual activity report from your My Rewards account.

How do I create a My Rewards account?

Once you are a Prairie Gold Rewards member, you can create a My Rewards account on our Sign-Up page. You must fill in all fields to complete your account set-up. If there is an error upon submission, please view the prompt at the top of the webpage for further instructions.

What type of username should I use?

Your username can be whatever you would like, but it must be a minimum of four characters. Be sure to choose something you will remember, as you need to enter your username each time you sign in to My Rewards. If you forget, don’t worry! Select the "Forgot My Username" prompt, and we’ll send you an email with your username.

What should I use for my PIN?

Your My Rewards PIN can be whatever you choose, but it must be a minimum of four numeric digits.

Please note: Your My Rewards PIN is not necessarily the same PIN that you use at the kiosks, slot machines, and other games throughout the casino. If you would like them to be the same, you can easily set up your account this way.

I am trying to create an account, but it is not taking my Prairie Gold Rewards number.

Your Prairie Gold Rewards number must be entered in this exact format: "PM" followed by nine numeric digits. Below is an example:


Why do you ask for my email address?

Your email address simply allows us to send your username or PIN to you via email whenever you request this information. Your email address will also be used to send your annual activity report if you select the option to receive it.

How do I change my information?

After you sign into your My Rewards account, you will be taken to the My Rewards portal. On this webpage, you can select to update your email, username, PIN, and/or phone number.

Please note: The information you provide for your My Rewards account is not linked to the information you gave Prairie Gold Rewards when you registered for a Prairie Gold Rewards membership.

My email address was "not recognized," what do I do now?

If you receive an "email not recognized" response, check that you did not enter any spelling or typing errors. If you still receive "email not recognized" messaging, please make sure that you have signed up for a My Rewards account through If you have signed up, confirm that you are using the email address you provided upon sign up.

Please note: This email address could be different than the one you provided Prairie Gold Rewards when you registered for a Prairie Gold Rewards membership.

If you are still receiving errors, please send us an email at, and we will look into your specific account.

I have filled out all the information, and it is still not letting me create my account.

If you have filled in all information fields correctly and are not receiving any error messages at the top of the webpage, please make sure that you have checked both boxes directly above the "Create an Account" button.

By checking these boxes, you certify that you are the person associated with this account and understand that by creating a My Rewards account, you agree to receive promotional offers from Prairie Meadows Casino, Racetrack, & Hotel. You are also acknowledging and accepting the Privacy Policy and Prairie Gold Rewards Rules.